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Council Envelope Printing

Pillarbox Envelopes has been producing bespoke-printed envelopes for UK councils for over 20 years. We have a range of size, print and colour options for councils and government bodies who require branded envelopes to convey the importance of the inner contents.

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Why digital envelope printing?

Pillarbox Envelopes have invested in this innovative technology to provide you with a quicker, cheaper method of effective envelope printing. Digitally printed envelopes provide the perfect solution for highly targeted mailing campaigns and can improve your overall return on investment.

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Graphic Design on your Printed Envelopes

Here at Pillarbox, we strive to ensure that each of our customer’s printed envelopes are expertly designed before print. With this in mind, we have the latest software available to ensure that our design studio always delivers.

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Image Resolution Explained

Resolution is essentially the amount of detail that is contained within an image. As the resolution increases, so does the clarity of the image; becoming sharper, more defined and more detailed.

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Five top tips for charity envelope printing

When used effectively, collection envelopes are ideal for both getting the message out and bringing funds in. Here are five great tips for using print on envelopes to spread awareness and bring in those ever crucial donations.

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