Envelope overprinting is a golden opportunity

Pillarbox Envelopes proved how effective envelope printing can be with this month’s golden opportunity campaign.

We have dispatched four uniquely designed mailings around the country to demonstrate how envelope overprinting can help your business or charity to stand out from regular post and increase response rates.

Traditional mailing is still very much a cornerstone of the marketing promotional mix. According to research carried out by the British Market Research Bureau, 75% of customers like receiving special offers via direct mail.

The question is, how do you present your special offers to maximise response? The answer is envelope overprinting. If you make your mailing as attractive and distinctive as possible, a 100% open rate is achievable.

Better yet, digital envelope printing offers an increased level of personalisation for businesses and charities and is ideal for targeted and segmented campaigns.

This is because the technology can now barcode and mailsort your addresses automatically, which makes the mailing process even smoother and saves you valuable time.

Catch customers in your web

Arachnophobias look away now. The message behind this creepy crawly design is that the contents of your customer’s daily post can be all too predictable and often not that pleasant. When they see a regular envelope, they immediately think of a bill.

This design breaks the mould and in doing so, creates a different kind of reaction in the recipient – whether that’s a moment of panic or just surprise depends on their feelings towards tarantulas. Either way, a visually stimulating envelope entices them to open the flap to see what is inside…perhaps they’ll think twice now too when reaching for the tea cup at the back of the cupboard.

Give them a splash of colour

The same can be said in all walks of life – if you stand out from the crowd, you’ll attract the most attention. This colourful design shows off the range of appealing colours our digital printer can produce here at Pillarbox.

Capable of four colour processing in either matt, gloss or photo paper, the printer dispenses professional standard images that really catch the eye. We can replicate your own stunning pictures here, images that you feel will connect most with your customers or prospects.

Don’t get lost at sea with your mailing

The first recorded message in a bottle is thought to date back to 310 BC. Whilst we may have invented more sophisticated methods of correspondence since then, we’ll always romanticise over the more traditional levels of communication.

The same is true for postal mail as it is for bobbing messages in the ocean. If you’ve taken the time to write a letter, fold it and post it, then the message will matter more. Here’s a message in a bottle that isn’t lost at sea with a communication placed where it matters most – on the envelope. With this design, we wanted to combine the romance of placing paper messages in bottles with a striking underwater image. Perhaps you can give your customers a design that will appeal to their romantic side.

Never camouflage your message

If you don’t put yourself in a position to be noticed, you won’t be. You may need to look twice to spot what is really going on in this image. The key message behind this creative is that you should never simply adapt to your surroundings or in this case, the conventions of customer mailings.

It may be a clever trick in nature but camouflage is no use in direct mailing. Instead of adopting the same techniques as your competitors, you need to make your approach different enough to stand out in a busy marketplace. Envelope printing can help you to achieve this feat and unlike this cunning bug, attract a lot of attention from your audience.