Envelope Printing Makes You Stand Out From The Crowd

Envelope printing is an easy and cost-effective way that increases the likelihood that the mail you send out to your customers gets opened.

Do you ever wonder how you can give your business mail an even more professional look? Well, one way to accomplish this is to utilise printed envelopes. Envelope printing is an easy and cost-effective way that increases the likelihood that the mail you send out to your customers gets opened.

Why? Think of it this way. How many plain white boring envelopes do customers receive in their mail every single day? And how often do they just put it to one side and just maybe consider opening it later or it might just end up in the bin! without even looking at it.

It’s a repetitive process. So repetitive, that since most plain white envelopes are considered bills most people just glance at them for a split second and place them where they usually place their mail.

Now, what if you took that same plain white envelope, and used it to advertise an important message or a special offer and by further adding your logo promote your brand. It is a proven fact that recipients of mail are much more likely to open their mail if they know who it is from, especially if they are your customer or your brand is one that they value and respect. So you need to ‘stand out from the crowd’.

Envelope printing is a cost-effective way of using your standard envelopes in an imaginative and creative way to communicate your brand and important messages to your customer.

They say ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ this could not be more true – think how much more appeal your message would have supported by full colour graphics and well designed imagery if your brochures are the ‘shop window’ of your business then an eye catching design on your envelope is a very enticing reason for wanting to see more of your business.

Envelope printing printing is tried and tested and can be a really cost-effective means of maximising that one opportunity you have to ensure that your envelope gets opened and not consigned to the dustbin!

If you think about it you are already committing spend to the mail pack – there are the material cost, the design costs, the print costs, fulfillment and not least postage! it all adds up to a substantial investment to communicate to your audience!

An overprinted image and message will not add to any postage cost as you are printing on the envelope. You do not have the additional cost of another piece of marketing material – so why not as they say  – ‘get more bangs for your proverbial buck! simply by implementing visual communication into the design of your marketing materials.

According to HP.com, recent research shows that visual communication can be even more powerful than verbal communication, which suggests that people learn more effectively when information is presented to them visually than verbally.

So, the next time you’re getting ready to send out those plain white envelopes to your customers, rethink your marketing strategy and use overprinting envelopes instead. You will be pleasantly surprised with the outcome and the Return on your Investment!