Branded Envelope and Print Options

We look at how branded print can provide powerful results and create effective marketing campaigns through the mail and general product presentation.

Getting your audiences attention is one of the most important aspects of marketing. With the modern introduction of social media content, studies show the average attention span is around 8 seconds, meaning you only have a few seconds to convey the immediate importance of your product or message to the consumer.

Another study revealed 70% of consumers are more likely to open a personalised envelope or packaging instead of a plain or manilla one. Overall, branded envelopes and packaging are 80% more likely to be opened by your target audience than generic envelopes, resulting in an effective marketing campaign that will deliver results. In this article, we take a look at how branded print can provide powerful results and create effective marketing campaigns through the mail and general product presentation.

The Importance of Design & Print:

Whether it’s for your business or charitable endeavour, printed envelopes will help elevate your marketing campaigns. If you need to make a brand statement, printed envelopes are the perfect marketing tool to make your company stand out from the competition. When comparing this marketing tool to other media, such as digital and social communication, there are other tangible benefits that physical mailing products provide to its recipients. Bespoke printed envelopes that are tailored to the target audience will help to establish an immediate level of trust from the consumer as the presentation demonstrates competence and professionalism from the get-go. That is why many business still opt to include physical marketing campaigns as part of their regular targeting campaigns.

Branded Packaging

Due to the scope of digital platforms, the need to differentiate your product or service is extremely important. There is a now a constant stream of targeted video content, featuring products that are passively endorsed by popular social influencers who guarantee spectacular results. However, social media companies noticed this dangerous trend and introduced new terms of service that require any advertisement to feature ‘sponsored ad’ tags to let users know that they were being targeted by a carefully constructed campaign. As digital and social marketing tools become more regulated by the private conglomerates that govern the platforms, many businesses are choosing to adapt by incorporating traditional techniques alongside their digital targeting strategy. This even includes displaying branded packaging in their targeted content and imagery that it circulates through its digital marketing channels (see left).

Well designed packaging is the key to successfully separating a product from the group. Designs should be bold with a thematic colour scheme that runs through the product or style and also include eye-catching fonts and a brand guideline to help customers immediately identify the brand. A good example of this implementation of packaging design is Apple, who have maintained a consistent packaging style which opts for simplicity over substance. Apple is a master at creating an iconic sensory experience that communicates its brand

without any words or even a logo. That’s because Apple makes its packaging as artistic and visually appealing as the device inside. Apple’s iconic branding is an example of how differentiating yourself from the market is crucial as they identified their competitors were almost exclusively using elaborative descriptions and eye-catching colours and images to sell their products. Instead, Apple went in a completely different direction and opted for a minimalist white theme to their packaging to try and demonstrate their own confidence in their products to the customer. As Google entered the mobile and media device market, they followed Apples lead and chose to follow suit with their own packaging too (right).

The product’s packaging should promote and showcase the product/brand it represents. Displaying important information that the consumer would benefit from, like ingredients, directions, or about section; helps manage buyer’s expectations and will result in higher customer satisfaction. When a consumer better understands what solution the product will solve, it will lead to the buyer confidence and likely result in a conversion.

As stated earlier in this post, the packaging is not just a function print tool, but a practical one. The product’s brand identity needs to be reflected through proper packaging design. Lastly, good design not only has to look good-but must also answer a few basic questions for the average consumer:

  • What is the use of the product?

  • Who will the product be created for?

  • How can a consumer find more about the product’s brand?

  • How will the product improve the consumer’s life?

  • What benefit does the consumer get from choosing this product?

But don’t worry if you’re new to professional printing, we provide assistance and help throughout the entire process to make it as easy and simple for you as possible.

It’s simple – our team of graphic designers can craft a print packaging design that creates an impeccable first impression for your customers, so they keep coming back for more. We will discuss all available options on your chosen product and after you provide us with any imagery and general colour schemes you want included, we will create an artwork proof for your approval. It is that simple! Contact us today to learn more about our printed packaging options for all types of businesses.

Popular Envelope Sizes:

Choosing the perfect sized envelope for your business can be simple, as we have a range of sizes that will solve any mailing requirements. We stock the four most popular envelope sizes: DL, C6, C5 and C4 envelopes that can be used for sending out business letter, cards and so much more.

DL Envelopes

A standard DL envelope measures 110mm x 220mm. This is what most people consider a “letter envelope” and fits A4 paper folded into thirds. Business ‘With Compliments’ slips or discount vouchers are also designed to fit inside a DL envelope and usually measure 210mm x 99mm.

DL Envelope Size

C6 Envelopes

C6 envelopes are a smaller envelope option and measure 114mm x 162mm in size. They are designed to fit an A5 card blank folded once or an A4 card blank folded four times. These C6 envelopes perfect for greetings cards or any occasion.

C6 Envelope Size

C5 Envelopes

C5 envelopes are the most commonly used envelope and measure 162mm x 229mm in size and fit an A5 card blank or A4 card blank folded in half. C5 envelopes are commonly used for sending out letters and documents, large invitations and newsletters.

C5 Envelope Size

C4 Envelopes

C4 envelopes are larger, measuring at 229mm x 324mm, and can fit unfolded A4 paper within. These envelopes are commonly used for more important documents, certificates and brochure’s that can’t be folded.

C4 Envelope Size

Envelope Size Guide

Use the table below to see our whole range of envelope sizes, for a breakdown of all of their sizes in millimetres, centimetres and inches.

Envelope Sizes


If you require more information or advice on the right envelope for your business, contact us today and let us guide you through to your perfect branded envelope!